Product List:

Organic Products listed in bold

Cereals & Pasta

(Prices per 100g)

Gluten Free Muesli (60p)

Hazelnut Muesli (40p)

Tropical Muesli (40p)

Muesli Base (20p)

Granola (40p)

Corn Flakes (40p)

Jumbo Oats (20p)

Porridge Oats (20p)

Gluten Free Porridge Oats (40p)

Chifferi Rigati (25p)

Conchiglie Shells (25p)

Conchiglie Large Shells (50p)

Farfalle Bows (25p)

Fusilli Wholewheat (35p)

Gomiti Rigati (25p)

Lasagne Sheets (50p)

Orzo (25p)

Penne Rigate White (25p)

Penne Wholewheat (35p)

Spaghetti White (30p)

Spaghetti White (25p)

Spaghetti Wholewheat (25p)

Tortiglioni White (25p)

Tagliatelle (25p)

Gluten Free Fusilli (35p)

Gluten Free Penne (35p)

Gluten Free Macaroni (35p)

Egg Free Noodles (40p)

Grains & Pulses

(Prices per 100g)


Aduki Beans (40p)

Black Turtle Beans (40p)

Bulgar Wheat (25p)

Canellini Beans (50p)

Chickpeas (35p)

Cous Cous (30p)

Red Kidney Beans (50p)

Red Split Lentils (30p)

Puy Style Green Lentils (30p)

Pearl Barley (20p)

Pinto Beans (40p)

Polenta (20p)

Quinoa (60p)

Soup Mix (40p)

TVP Chunks (50p)

TVP Mince (50p)

Yellow Split Peas (25p)


Arborio Rice (30p)

Brown Basmati Rice (25p)

White Basmati Rice (35p)

Jasmine White Rice (35p)

Short Grain Brown Rice (25p)

Dried Fruit & Nuts

(Prices per 100g)


Sulphured Apricots (75p)

Unsulphured Apricots (85p)

Banana Chips (75p)

Cherries (Glace) (75p)

Cranberries (£1.00)

Currants (75p)

Dates Pitted (50p)

Figs (£1.00)

Ginger Crystallised (90p)

Sun Dried Mango (£2.00)

Mixed Peel (50p)

Prunes Pitted (50p)

Seedless Raisins (50p)

Sultanas (50p)

Sun Dried Tomatoes (£1.25)

Mixed Fruit & Nuts (£1.00)

Chopped Mixed Nuts (£1.00)

Roasted & Salted Peanuts (60p)

Almonds (£1.50)

Flaked Almonds (£1.50)

Brazils (£1.50)

Cashews (£1.50)

Hazelnuts (£1.50)

Paleskin Peanuts (50p)

Pecan Halves (£2.00)

Pine Kernels (£3.90)

Pistachio Kernels (£3.00)

Salted Pistachios (£2.00)

Walnut Halves (£1.50)


(Prices per 100g)


Chia (90p)

Golden Linseeds (Flax) (50p)

Hemp Seeds (50p)

Mixed Seeds (75p)

Poppy (Blue) (60p)

Pumpkin (£1.00)

Sesame (75p)

Sunflower (50p)

Herbs & Spices

(Prices per 10g)


Allspice (30p)

Asafoetida (30p)

Cajun Mix (20p)

Caraway Seeds (20p)

Cayenne Pepper (20p)

Chinese 5 Spice (20p)

Chilli Powder (20p)

Cinnamon (Ground) (20p)

Cinnamon Sticks (60p)

Cloves Whole (30p)

Cloves Ground (60p)

Coriander Seeds (20p)

Coriander (Ground) (20p)

Cumin (Ground) (20p)

Cumin (Seeds) (30p)

Curry Powder (Mild) (20p)

Curry Powder (Hot) (20p)

Crushed Chillies (30p)

Fenugreek (20p)

Garam Masala (20p)

Garlic (Ground) (20p)

Ginger (Ground) (20p)

Mixed Spice (20p)

Mustard Seeds Yellow (20p)

Nigella (Black Onion) Seeds (20p)

Onion Powder (20p)

Nutmeg Ground (30p)

Paprika Smoked (20p)

Paprika Sweet (20p)

Psyllium Husks (40p)

Ras El Hanout (20p)

Star Anise (30p)

Sumac (30p)

Turmeric (20p)

Basil (30p)

Bay Leaves (50p)

Dill (30p)

Fennel Seeds (20p)

Herbs de Provence (30p)

Marjoram (30p)

Mint (Pesticide Free) (30p)

Mixed Herbs (30p)

Oregano (30p)

Parsley (30p)

Rosemary (30p)

Sage (30p)

Tarragon (40p)

Thyme (30p)

Baking & Condiments

(Prices per 100g)


Ground Almonds (£1.50)

GF Bicarbonate of Soda (50p)

GF Baking Powder (60p)

Bouillon Stock Powder (£1.50)

Citric Acid (£10.50/kg bag)

Cocoa Powder (£1.00)

Cornflour (40p)

Desiccated Coconut (75p)

Falafel Mix (95p)

Nutritional Yeast w/B12 (£2.25)

Chocolate Callets:
Belgian Milk 32% (£1.20)

Belgian Dark 70% (£1.00) (Vegan)

Himalayan Salt Course (50p)

Sea Salt (Course) (25p)

Sea Salt (Fine) (25p)

Black Peppercorns (£2.00)

White Peppercorns (£2.00)

Flours (all organic)

Stock varies at present due to increased demand, but we usually stock a range of plain, self raising, strong bread, rye, spelt, seeded, and pasta flours from Doves Farm and Shipton Mill.

Gluten Free Flours:

Plain, Self Raising, Gram, Rice, White Bread, Brown Bread (£2.25/kg bag)

Buckwheat Wholegrain

(£3.30/kg bag)

Golden Caster (35p)

Demerara Sugar (35p)

Granulated Sugar (10p)

Icing Sugar (50p)

Light Muscovado (40p)

Sweet Treats

(Prices per 100g)


Pick and Mix (all £1.00)

Chocolate Honeycomb

Chocolate Peanuts

Chocolate Raisins

Roasted Fava Beans (Lightly Sea Salted, Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar, and Chili & Lime flavours)

Vegan Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles

Vegan Sour Dummies

Vegan Wine Gums

Wasabi Peas

Yoghurt Raisins

Honey Cashews (£2.00)

Popping Corn (25p)

Chewsy Chewing Gum (£1.39)

Raw Choc Co Small Bars (£1.70)

Montezumas Chocolate (£2.25)

Raw Halo Bars (£2.50)

Rhythm 108 (£3.60)

Loose Leaf Teas & Coffee Beans

(Prices per 100g)

Taylors English Breakfast (£2.00)

Taylors Earl Grey (£2.00)

Taylors Decaffeinated Tea (£2.50)

Teas by Tealicious:

Breakfast Brew (£4.25)

British Blend (£4.25)

Chamomile Smile (£4.25/30g)

Early Grey (£4.95)

Teacaf (£4.95)

Yunnan Green (£5.25)

JCT Coffee Beans (Brazil) (£2.50)

Seasonal Decaf (£2.95)

Reusable Cotton Tea Bags (60p)

Steel Tea Strainer (£7.95)

Steel Coffee Filter (£14.95)

Oils & Vinegars

Prices per 100ml


HonesToil Olive Oil Blend (£1.10)

Sunflower Oil (50p)

Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oil (45p)

Red Wine Vinegar (25p)

White Wine Vinegar (25p)
Organic Apple Cyder Vinegar (25p)
Malt Vinegar (25p)

Balsamic Vinegar (65p)

Pre-Filled bottles are available of each of the above vinegars. Refills are available in store.

Packaged Foods

Bottle Green Cordials (£3.45)

Bottle Green Elderflower Presse (£2.25)

Chopped Tomatoes (95p)

Whole Tomatoes (95p)

Tomato Puree (£1.60)

Suma Passata (£1.75)

Green / Red Pesto (£2.45)

Capers & Olive Pasta Sauce (£2.45)

Roasted Garlic Pasta Sauce (£2.45)

Whole Earth Baked Beans (£1.20)

FairTrade Coconut Milk (£1.90)

Essential Coconut Oil (£3.50)

Meridian Tahini (£2.45)

Aduki Beans (95p)

Black Beans (95p)

Borlotti Beans (95p)

Chickpeas (£1.15)

Local Honey

227g - £3.20

454g - £5.50


(All Rubies in the Rubble - £2.95)

Apple Relish

Banana Ketchup

Chilli Onion Relish

Pear & Fig Relish

Spiced Tomato Relish

Tomato Ketchup

Vegan Mayo


Yeast Extract 125g/250g (£3.95/6.95)

Nut Butter (70p per 100g) 


Minestrone, Tomato & Basil (£1.75)

Vegan Pea & Ham (£2.10)

Artisan Breads

Available to preorder for collection on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Orders must be in by the previous Wednesday for Saturday and Saturday for Wednesday collections.


Sourdough White or Blonde (£3.50)

Spelt Tin Loaf (£2.95)

White, Wholemeal, Malthouse, Light Rye tin loaves (£2.75)


Rosemary and Sea Salt Focaccia (£2.25)

Sun Dried Tomato or Garlic Flatbread (£2..00)

Cinnamon Swirl (£2.10)

Vegan Cinnamon Swirl (£2.50)

Household Cleaning Refills

(Prices per litre unless stated)


Washing Up Liquid (Spiced Ginger or Unfragranced) (£2.20)

Laundry Liquid

(Bio £3.50 / Non-Bio £2.50)

Delicate Hand Wash Liquid (£7.00)

Non-Bio Laundry Powder (£4.80/kg)

Fabric Conditioner (£2.00)

White Vinegar for Cleaning (£1.20)

Bicarb for Cleaning (£2.50p/kg)

All Purpose Cleaner (£2.80)

Cream Cleaner (£3.50)

Toilet Cleaner (£2.50)

Glass Cleaner (£1.50)

Hand Soap (Fig or Rose) (£5.00)

Dishwasher Powder (£4.30/kg)

Hard Water Rinse Aid (£3.50)

Household Cleaning Products

Wooden Dishbrush (£4.50)

Replacement Dishbrush Head (£2.50)

Bottle Brush small/large (£4.00/5.00)

Coconut Dishbrush (£4.00)

Coconut scourers (£2.00)

Steel scourers (£1.00)

Bamboo Dishcloth (£1.50)

Compostable Cloths x2 (£3.50)

Plant based sponges x2 (£3.95)

Loofah Sponge (£2.50)

Vegetable scrub brush (£5.00)

Coconut pot scraper (£2.50)

If You Care Gloves (£3.50)

Primal Suds Dish Splash (£6.50)

Toilet Bombs (40p, or 3 for £1)

Bio D Laundry Bleach (£2.20)

Bio D Laundry Powder (£4.50)

Ocean Saver sachets (£1.50)

Laundry Sheets (£10.00)

Dishwasher Tablets 25/70 (£5.50/13.50)

EcoEgg Laundry Egg (£9.95)

Egg Refill (£4.95)

Dryer Balls (£7.95)

Bathroom Refills

Cole & Co Shampoo - Lan y Mor or Lime, Basil and Mandarin scented

(£3.00 per 250ml)

Cole & Co Conditioner - Lan y Mor or Lime, Basil and Mandarin scented

£3.00 per 250ml)

Cole & Co Body Wash - Pomegranate or Lavender, Rosemary & Spearmint scented

(£3.00 per 250ml)

Toothpaste Tablets in tin (£3.50)

Toothpaste Tablets refill (£2.50/20g)



Emma´s Soaps (£4.95)

Friendly Soaps (£2.25-2.75)

Friendly Soap Sets (£8.50-14.95)

Primal Suds Soaps (£6.00)

ZWP Soaps (£5.50)

Soap Accessories:

Friendly Travel Tins (£4.50)

Friendly Soap Ladders (£4.00)

Primal Suds Travel Tins (£3.95)

Primal Suds Soap Ladders (£3.95)

Bamboo Soap Dishes (£4.95)

Olive Soap Dish (£6.95)

Timmy Turtle Soap Dish (£9.95)

Sisal Soap Savers (£3.50)

Safix Body and Feet Scrubs (£2.00)

Loofah Scrubbies (£2.50)

Body Loofah (£2.95)

Ramie Bath Puff (£4.95)

Konjac Sponges (£4.00)

Shampoo Bars:

Friendly Shampoo Bars (£2.75)

Conditioner Bars (£4.95)

Primal Suds Shampoo Bars (£6.00)

Kitenest Shampoo Bars (£7.00)

ZWP 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner bars (£7.50)

Primal Suds Dry Shampoos (£10.00)

Lip & Body Balms:

Kitenest Lip Balms (£3.95)

ZWP Lip & Body Balms (£5.50)


Fit Pit Deodorants (£4/10)

Primal Suds No BO Bars (£10.00)

BIORK Crystal Deodorant (£12.50)

Moisturisers & Lotions:

Solid Body Moisturiser (£5.50/10)

ZWP Solid Lotions (£7.00)

Green Cream Original/Dream/Love 25ml (£5-8.00) 100ml (£14-18.00)

Other Bathroom:

Handmade Bath Bombs (£4.95)

Fairtrade/Bamboo Cotton Buds (£2.50)

Shades Suncscreen (£3.75/9.75)

Bamboo Comb (£2.95)

Natural Nail Brush (£5.50)

Kids Nail Brush (£3.95)

Wooden Hairbrush (Rectangular £8.95 / Oval £10.45)

Natural Toilet Brush & Holder (£9.95)

Toilet Brush only (£5.50)

Love The Planet Make Up (£2-9)

Toilet Rolls:

UK Made Boxroll Toilet Roll

Recycled 60p single / £14.00 box 24

ZWC Toilet Roll

Recycled 85p single / £19.50 box 24)

WGAC Toilet Roll

Bamboo 90p single / £20.00 box 24


Bamboo Toothbrushes for babies, kids, and adults (£1.95-3.95)

Bamboo Toothbrush Holders (£2.95)

Toothpaste Tablets (£2.50/20g)

ToothTabs in a Tin (£3.50)

Humble Co Interdental Brushes (£3.95)

Georganics Toothpaste (£6.95-8.95)

Charcoal Toothpowder (£6.95)

Dental Floss and Refills (£4.95/6.95)

Oil Pulling Mouthwash (£8.95)

Mouthwash Tablets (£8.95)

Feminine Hygiene

Honour Your Flow

Mini Pads (£7.25)

Regular Pads (£9.60)

Maxi Pads (£10.50)

Wash Bags (£6.90)

Regular Pouch (£5.50)

Breast Pads (£4.50)

Me Luna Cups (£14.00)

Organicup (£15.00)

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