Current Product List:

Cereals & Pasta

(Prices per 100g)

Hazelnut Muesli (40p)

Tropical Muesli (40p)

Muesli Base (20p)

Granola (40p)

Jumbo Oats (20p)

Porridge Oats (20p)

Org Gluten Free Porridge Oats (40p)

Fusilli White (25p)

Chifferi Rigati White (25p)

Penne Wholewheat (25p)

Gluten Free Penne (55p)

Spaghetti (30p)

Grains & Pulses

(Prices per 100g)


Red Split Lentils (30p)

Puy Style Green Lentils (30p)

Organic Cous Cous Wholemeal (30p)

Quinoa (60p)

Bulgar Wheat (25p)

Pearl Barley (20p)

Chickpeas (35p)

Arborio Rice (30p)

Brown Basmati Rice (35p)

Easy Cook Rice (25p)

Dried Fruit & Nuts

(Prices per 100g)


Organic Sun Dried Mango (£2.00)

Sun Dried Tomatoes (£1.25)

Cranberries (£1.00)

Organic Unsulphured Apricots (85p)

Sulphured Apricots (75p)

Banana Chips (75p)

Seedless Raisins (50p)

Sultanas (50p)

Pitted Dates (50p)

Mixed Fruit & Nuts (£1.00)

Almonds (£1.50)

Brazils (£1.50)

Cashews (£2.00)

Organic Flaked Almonds (£1.50)

Hazelnuts (£1.50)

Paleskin Peanuts (50p)

Pecan Halves (£2.50)

Pistachios (£2.00)

Walnut Halves (£1.50)


(Prices per 100g)


Chia (£1.00)

Golden Linseeds (Flax) (50p)

Pumpkin (£1.00)

Sunflower (50p)

Sesame (75p)

Poppy (Blue) (£1.20)

Herbs & Spices

(Prices per 10g)


Cayenne Pepper (20p)

Chinese 5 Spice (20p)

Cinnamon (Ground) (20p)

Coriander (Ground) (20p)

Cumin (Ground) (20p)

Cumin (Seeds) (30p)

Curry Powder (Mild) (20p)

Crushed Chillies (30p)

Garam Masala (20p)

Garlic (Ground) (20p)

Ginger (Ground) (20p)

Paprika Smoked (20p)

Paprika Spanish (20p)

Turmeric (20p)

Basil (30p)

Bay Leaves (50p)

Mint (Pesticide Free) (30p)

Oregano (30p)

Parsley (30p)

Rosemary (30p)

Tarragon (40p)

Thyme (30p)

Baking & Condiments

(Prices per 100g)


GF Bicarbonate of Soda (50p)

Baking Powder (50p)

Desiccated Coconut (75p)

Cocoa Powder (£1.00)

Sea Salt (Course) (25p)

Sea Salt (Fine) (25p)

Black Peppercorns (£2.50)

Sweet Treats

(Prices per 100g)


Honey Cashews (£2.00)

Chocolate Honeycomb (£1.00)

Yoghurt Raisins (£1.00)

Chocolate Peanuts (£1.00)

Chocolate Raisins (£1.00)

Vegan Wine Gums (£1.00)

Popping Corn (25p)

Loose Leaf Teas & Coffee B

(Prices per 100g)


English Breakfast (£2.00)

Earl Grey (£2.00)

Decaffeinated Tea (£2.50)

The Saviour (El Salvador) (£3.25)

A crowd pleasing coffee, full bodied

All teas by Taylors of Harrogate

All coffee by Jericho Coffee Traders


Queen Bee Beeswax Wraps (£8-16)

Beeswax Refresher Bars (£1.00)

Vegan Wraps (£10-20)

Primal Suds Dish Splash (£6.50)

Natural Dishbrushes with Replaceable Heads (£6.50/2.50)

Vegetable Brushes (£5.00)

Coconut Dish Brushes (£3.00)

Coconut Bottle Brushes (£4.00)

EcoCoconut XL Bottle Brushes (£5.00)

Bamboo Chopping Board (£4.95)

Bamboo Fibre Dishcloths (£1.50)

Safix Scourers (£2.00)

Bamboo Cutlery Set (£3.50/set)

Picnic Cutlery Wraps (£7.95)

Bamboo Spork (£2.50)

Reusable Straws and Cleaners

WGAC Kitchen Roll (£2.75)

Household Cleaning Refills

(Prices per litre unless stated)


Washing Up Liquid (Spiced Ginger or Unfragranced) (£2.00)

Laundry Liquid (Bio / Non-Bio) (£2.50)

Delicate Hand Wash Liquid (£7.00)

Non-Bio Laundry Powder (£4.20/kg)

Fabric Conditioner (£2.00)

White Vinegar for Cleaning (£1.00)

Bicarb for Cleaning (£2.50p/kg)

All Purpose Cleaner (£2.00)

Toilet Cleaner (£2.50)

Glass Cleaner (£1.50)

Hand Soap (Fig or Rose) (£6.00)

Dishwasher Powder (£4.00/kg)

Hard Water Rinse Aid (£2.00)


Friendly Soaps (£2.25-2.75)

Friendly Shampoo Bars (£2.75)

Conditioner Bars (£4.95)

Friendly Travel Tins (£4.50)

Primal Suds Soaps (£6.00)

Primal Suds Shampoo Bars (£6.00)

Primal Suds No BO Bars (£10.00)

Kitenest Shampoo Bars (£7.00)

Kitenest Lip Balms (£3.95)

Fit Pit Deodorants (£4/10)

BIORK Crystal Deodorant (£12.50)

Bamboo Cotton Buds (£2.50)

Shades Suncscreen (£3.75/9.75)

Wooden Hairbrush Rectangular (£8.95)

Wooden Hairbruish Oval (£10.45)

Love The Planet Make Up (£2-9)

Solid Body Moisturiser (£5.50/10)

WGAC Toilet Roll (90p/£1.10)

Primal Suds Travel Tins (£4.50)

Bamboo Soap Dishes (£4.95)

Sisal Soap Savers (£3.50)

Safix Body and Feet Scrubs (£2.00)

Loofah Scrubbies (£2.50)

Bamboo Toothbrushes(£2.95-3.95)

Bamboo Toothbrush Holders (£2.95)

Toothpaste Tablets (£2.50/19g)

ToothTabs in a Tin (£3.50)

Georganics Toothpaste (£6.95-8.95)

Charcoal Toothpowder (£6.95)

Dental Floss and Refills (£4.95/6.965)

Mouthwash Tablets (£8.95)

Honour Your Flow

Menstrual Cups (£14.00)

Reusable Sanitary Pads (£7.25-10.50)

Reusable Breast Pads (£4.50/6.50)

Reusable Make Up Wipes (£3.75/3pk)

Carry Pouch (£5.50)

Laundry Bags (£6.90)

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