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Nothing but Footprints (finally) arrives in Bicester!

Back in Spring 2019, we brought our little refill stall to Bicester Green for an eco market. Little did we know that this would be the start of a long standing partnership which will, later this week, see us opening our new refill space inside their new Sheep Street shop.

Pictured: One of the first Nothing but Footprints pop ups at Bicester Green

What can Bicester expect?

Whilst the Bicester shop will be somewhat smaller than the Banbury store, there will still be a significant range of products to keep the waste reducing shopper content!

We will initially be bringing a range of packaging free dried foods, which will include cereals, pastas and rice, grains, beans, fruits and nuts, as well as some sweet and savoury snacks. There will be a full range of refillable household cleaning products, as well as plastic free soaps, shampoos, and sponges.

We have decided not to fill every nook and cranny of the store straight away, as we want to allow room to bring in products on request, so if there is something missing, just tell us and you never know, it might just appear in one of the gaps!

Pictured: The new Bicester Green shopfront at 16 Sheep Street.

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Who are Bicester Green?

For those of you who are not already familiar with Bicester Green, they are a not for profit enterprise who take donations of waste materials, and they make, mend, transform them into something new!

They are a place for sharing skills between people, inviting those with knowledge of bicycle maintenance, furniture and electrical items to share their skills with those who would benefit from learning.

They aim to create a world where everyday materials always have multiple uses and owners, where people can access the resources needed to make informed actions, and where the community has somewhere they feel they belong.

So where and when can I find you?

Initially we will be opening within Bicester Green's existing opening hours, so Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri/Sat 10am until 4pm. Once we are in and settled, we plan to extend these hours a little though so watch this space!

The shop itself is at 16 Sheep Street, which is the old Dorothy Perkins unit, next door to Iceland.

Come say hi, we would love to see you!

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