Hi, I'm Vi...

Vi was lucky enough to be brought up between the stunning Sierra Nevada mountains and the sandy beaches of the Andalucian coast in Southern Spain.

She went to uni in Granada, where she studied to be a teacher of PE to primary school children. She wanted to experience life abroad and learn English, so she moved here in 2012 as an au pair to a local family.

She had the opportunity to see a bit more of the world and so left to travel around India , Thailand, and some parts of Europe, before coming back to the UK hoping to find work as a teacher.

We met in 2016 having both returned from trips overseas and have been trying to get a little bit better at all this zero waste malarkey ever since!

Vi is never happier than when we are away in our van, Woody, sat on the top of a mountain, with a cup of tea, looking out in awe at mother nature.

Vi now works full time at a local nursery school, which she absolutely loves, but you'll find her in the shop on Saturdays, keeping Dan in check!

and I'm Dan!

Dan was born in Aylesbury, but moved to a village outside Banbury when he was 11, and has been here or hereabouts ever since.

He left school and went to work in retail at B&Q when he was 16. Like many others, he didn't really know what he wanted to do with his life so he figured he would just work hard at whatever he was doing until he found his calling! He moved up into management, and left to join Homebase a few years later. He loved retail, but he found the ethics of corporate retail hard, and with that in mind he booked a one way ticket to Australia in 2012, and said g'day!

He was away backpacking, on and off, for nearly 5 years, coming home every couple of years to work and save for the next trip.

Since we met, we have been trying to reduce our own waste and were finding it really difficult to find local places to buy loose foods. We figured, if no-one else is going to do it, we should!

And here we are!

Nothing but Footprints

Castle Quay Shopping Centre

Banbury. OX16 5UH

Mon - Sat 10am - 5pm

Evenley Forge Coffee,

The Green, Evenley,

Nr Brackley. NN13 5SQ.

Mon-Sun 9am - 12pm


Contact us by email...


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